THE LIST of things I dumped. They made me feel like crap.

You may be the one we’ve been waiting for. You may be here to lift the consciousness of the world , and because of that, you may have lately grown sensitive to psychic vibrations in the world. There is much going on. We are feeling it.  I want you to take care of yourself. The world needs you healthy, happy and teaching the rest us and those around you.

You may be thinking, ‘I am so not this person. I didn’t take an online seminar on spiritual expansion in the 2012 sift. I’m sick of hearing about the shift. I don’t read Deepak Chopra.’ You may be the one anyway

It may be me. This notion occurred to me recently. It was a sobering thought. My spiritual growth has been so messy, so grueling, not at all resembling Eat Pray Love, the movie.

Your symptoms might be an inexplicable sensitivity to vibes. You may feel an inner, awful, anxious vibration on some days. You may have felt this way for a long time or a short time. You may have considered that you might be possessed because the horrible vibes come on you so suddenly and out of the blue. If you’ve read ahead to the list below, and if you have become newly sensitive like I have, and feel so crappy and laden with low vibes at times like I have, you might be sitting up in your chair, considering never eating another slice of wedding cake.

I have gone to these extreme lengths of not eating certain foods because I feel relief from said vibes. Right now, I’m planning of living the rest of this life without those dark chocolate truffles from Whole Foods that they are always giving away as samplers, giving me as many as I can put into my mouth.

There’s more. It’s not just food. There’s entertainment. I’ve gone without (TV on the web) drama for two days. I feel better, so I’m considering chucking TV shows, too. Remember, I’m one of those people who hate to be told I’m better off giving up stuff.

I love food. When I was eighteen, I had a job at a pizza restaurant. I make myself what I called a volcano pizza because of its shape.  I stacked the toppings that high. I ate crazy.

There is no way I would willingly  give up dark chocolate dipped apricots for the sake of my spiritual growth. I’m giving it up to end the side effects. It may be that you are where I am in your growth. So, I’m sharing the things that have recently started to take me to my crappy place.

The List

  • Project Runway and drama driven TV  ( or, etcetera.)
  • God bless them, but there are people who just cannot figure out that kindness matters and then find a way to implement it. To some people, I can be this person. That’s just how it is.
  • Many movies. I saw Fruitvale Station at the Grand Lake Theater. In the future, I may decide see some relevant movie on DVD, but not in a theater. Or I may not watch it all together.

While it is an important movie for most of America to see, I would not see it the same way again, if I do see it, and here is why.  I went to a theater in what felt like the company of Oscar Grant’s grieving friends and community and I seemed to feel that grief with them to the point of feeling physically unwell. While grief and sadness is a necessary part of life, I don’t need to sense someone else’s pain to that extent if I can help it.  I don’t know if I will ever go into a movie theater again.

  • Cane sugar and honey. I put some cane sugar in my gluten free bread for the yeast to eat, plus a little more for flavor. Tonight, I am up at 3:3 am finishing this blog.

 When I go to a restaurant, the dressing often tastes like sugar or honey is in it. I may stick to purposefully healthy restaurants. I don’t know why honey bothers me, but it does.

  • Alcohol. If I have even a teeny swig of sake or even a half a glass of wine, I wake up in the middle of the night drenched in crappy vibes.  I feel it for days.
  • Refined food. Grains stripped of its bran is the norm. Somewhere, there is a sushi or Japanese restaurant or a cook who doesn’t use sugar or refined rice. I need to find him or her. If you know someone, email me. The same goes for Korean and Thai and Chinese food.

A gluten free, healthy soul food restaurant would be nice, so let me know if you know of one. I don’t know what to do about so many other cuisines, like French or Italian. I’m open to suggestions.

I haven’t consumed much of the following things for a while, so I have no way to test my theory. But really, they seem but highly suspect.
  • Pesticides. I don’t know where to start, so I won’t.
  • Any wheat or gluten.  All wheat is so genetically modified that it is becoming harder and harder to tolerate by more and more people that I talk to.
  • Toxic animal products. I have been reading about how the organic standards have been steadily degrading because of the food corporations’ capacity for evil.

Know your vendor. Go to a local farmer’s market. There is a vendor at the Old Oakland Friday Farmer’s market. He sells 30 medium eggs for $5. His chickens run around all day and eat bugs.

  • Nitrates and excessive sodium. Many commercially processed foods are high in sodium.
  • Drugs, including some prescription drugs.  A lot of drugs have side effects that make me feel much worse than sugar ever did. Most drugs are synthetic chemicals that treat symptoms without addressing the cause.

This is not intended as medical advice. I am not asking you to flush your prescription pills.

But, our cultural worship of standard western medicine and doctors is powerful. They do some good, but it is certainly not 100%.

I have gone down to The Food Mill and talked to the holistic practitioners and gotten remedies that worked with my body. I am learning to listen to my body.

If I were taking recreational drugs, right now, knowing what I know, I would to dig a really big hole and bury my crack, heroin, cocaine, my recreational weed and everything else.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to eat healthy. My food budget is practically non-existent. It does take time, creativity and thought to get started.

This isn’t proven science, but so what?

Of course, this is not proven science. Luckily, I’m not calling this science.

My unscientific experiences are real to me. Yours are real to you. Our lives  are ours. Our feelings and perceptions are our entire existence, un-provable, though they may be. So is love. Peace, out.

3 Responses to THE LIST of things I dumped. They made me feel like crap.

  1. Mushim says:

    What you’re experiencing is probably fairly common, Ann Marie. Developing one’s spiritual practice is *intended* to include developing a more acutely sensitive relationship with the interconnectedness of everything, which includes the way the bodymind reacts to what is ingested and what it comes into contact with through any of the sense doors: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, touch, mind (mental stimuli).

    My original Zen Buddhist teacher, a Korean monk who had lived in N. America a long time, said he couldn’t read novels because they made him feel as though he had bronchitis. I haven’t had a television for as long as I can remember, because even a lot of PBS shows caused me to feel a little depressed or down. The media I watch is on my computer, where I can control it — I can pause it, turn it off and come back to it later, or stop watching whenever I like.

    Quite a few people, myself included, become more sensitive to different kinds of food as we get older. For me, no more really spicy food, which I used to love; no alcohol because it makes me feel sick; and so on. And I don’t want to talk about pesticides either!

    However, I acknowledge that becoming more sensitive in body and mind is kind of a drag because it’s so limiting, or can be. One of my younger relatives, a spiritual practitioner, was invited to a yoga community’s social nite. When he got there they were showing fun movies and serving soy hot dogs and fruit. He’s allergic to gluten and to soy, so all he could eat was the fruit for dinner. Not so much fun!

    • AnnieMDavis says:

      Thanks, Mushim. My mental stimuli is definitely sensitive. It felt so strange when I started becoming sensitive to my interconnectedness. I thought, “My god, what will people think if I bring this up!” I’ve been wanting to talk about it for a while, but was hesitant. I’m glad I did and I”m grateful that you responded.

      I think that my food sensitivity is partly because of the food industry’s way of not caring for the populous. I remember becoming sensitive to food starting I was about twenty-eight. I remember a younger co-worker who couldn’t eat meat because of her physical reaction to the hormones and chemicals. And, it has increased for me over the years.

      Now, I eat meat so rarely, I’m wondering if it is a heightened sensitivity to it is due to spiritual expansion. Peace.

  2. Wendy says:

    This is so beautiful Ann Marie, and also Mushim’s response. This spiritual journey is so powerful, as I believe this sensitivity is a powerful agent of change in the world. As I honor my sensitivities more and more, the universe honors it too. And, I feel more happy and able to be myself and give to the world of my true nature. Much love and blessings!

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