“Breathing in, I see myself as a calm lake, breathing out I see myself reflecting all that is.” – Guided meditation from a Thich Nhat Hanh dharma talk.

This weekend I listened to a dharma talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh. He talked about there being a right way to suffer, and I remember him describing suffering and using the phrase ‘a good way’.  The first thing I thought was, god, I don’t want to hear about someone talking about a good way to suffer.

I really wanted to go to a convention, Science and Non-Duality. I wanted to be around other like-minded people and quench my thirst for the connection between science and non-duality.  It cost too much so I stayed home. They are probably all driving back home now.

And I really wanted to move to an artist colony in Mexico.  Some place warm, lots of ocean, somewhere  to take the edge off of constant urban vibes, to be able to walk outside and not hear freeway noises. It would be so much better for my body and soul.  But, it costs too much.

I thought I dumped the things that made me feel like crap. Actually, I do feel much less crappy than I would if I had kept having those glasses of wine. I still watch Project Runway, though.

I went to a meditation with some followers of Thich Nhat Hanh before I went home to watch his dharma talk as it streamed live on the web.

Beautiful man. He said a lot of things that I have heard before, but I seemed to pick up some of his energy listening to him, and for a while, I resonated with him. He wants us to be present, to follow our breath all the way in and all of the way out.

It’s cold outside for October in California, but not like other parts of the country. Still, I think that our impact on the climate has so far gone, what will happen next, Snow on my snow peas?

It suddenly occurred to me that I can’t help anyone. I need help myself. But then, I see evidence that I  can help people, I’ve seen  it time and time again.  I write something,  and someone says, “I love your words, your poetry, you are so wise, when all the while, I feel so much like the person looking for wisdom. So I keep doing it. “Follow the breath.” he said. “All the way in, he said. “All the way in, all the way out.”

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