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Swear word alert

My Kickstarter campaign didn’t fund. I’ve told myself that I will go on with no loss of enthusiasm. I have told myself that the only real failure is to never try out of the cowardice that comes from fear of failure. I also told myself that this kind of cockeyed optimism is all bullshit as I […]

Ever After

Living to give everything away is living to let go of attachments… trunks in attics, storage bins, vanity, the need for money and status as a conditions for happiness. I’m not saying I should give my money and stuff away, I need certain things to live in the world. I’m saying I’d like to give […]

You the prisoner

Learning to trust, along with the whole constant forgiveness thing are not easy for me. I’m talking about forgiveness that does not condone, but as one of my teachers, Larry Yang noted, it’s about letting go of wanting the past to be different. I believe that this concept of forgiveness does not exclude the most […]

Our Brick Walls

Virginia Woolf wrote: “Women have sat indoors all these millions of years, so that by this time, the very walls are permeated by their creative force, which has, indeed so overcharged the capacity of bricks and mortar that it must needs harness itself to pens and brushes and business and politics.” Click here to see the […]