This City

This city is a city
of blind and spellbound privilege

a city of new arrivals
in old neighborhoods

playing out
an age old tradition

of jubilant landings
in strange places

a tradition
of discovering

This city is a city
of amnesiacs
a city of transplants
not knowing
that what the consumers love
to purchase
are the drumbeats
by that person
over there
the one that
is a worry.

This is a city
of arriving

and embracing
the thing that is
so scorned

in such a peculiar way

vanishing the disenfranchised
with the momentum
of five hundred years

of unchecked
blind landings

as someone
manifests their destiny
with the momentum
of angst

passed down through
to this lifetime

as a madness
acts itself out
on the dark skin
from manifold tribes
from multiple continents
once again

only in this lifetime
with doors locked

only in this instance
with fingers
pounding a dial pad

only this time
to summon
the powers that be

that are destined
to arrive
as the out-picturing

of five hundred years
of unconsciousness
as the one
with the privilege
once again says

“Come take my fears away
to where they can’t
frighten me