Ann Marie Davis is an acclaimed creative… a poet, artist, environmental activist, and writer from the San Francisco East Bay. Her spiritual and creative quest is chronicled in her blogs and in her poetry.

Her conviction to her spiritual expansion is evidenced by a creative journey as her expansion follows though to her work as it  ripens to parallel that spiritual journey.

Her writings are sometimes wry, sometimes whimsical, and always resonant to her readers, offering a authorial voice of kinship for the spiritual journey.

Her poems, paintings and writings are inspired by dreams and visions. The artwork shows the influences of modern surrealists as a starting point for her work. From there, she uses her visioning to evoke an awakening of a spiritual self.

She uses the modern digital medium as her platform for her photographic and painting collages. She currently creates works of surreal collage portraits using mythological references. She interviews the subject of her work, and from there, she uses imagery that rings true to her subjects, (such as the iconography that she use here, in her portrait, Christine), as she incorporates ancient and modern-day totems.

Right out of high school, Ms. Davis had the fortune to study painting under acclaimed California artist and teacher Raymond Saunders as he was a visiting artist in the Cal State college system.

She  is currently working on a novel that compliments her spiritual, artistic and poetic vision. It is slated to be published in the early part of 2015.

She is currently seeking subjects for her digital painting series through commissions. She uses archival pigments in limited edition prints as the final products. Please use the contact form if you would like to commission Ann Marie Davis for work as part of this series.

Click here for an accessible version of this poem.